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This FAQ is still under construction, so please be patient, and we will fill out the FAQ as best as we can.

About Us, Our Creations and Our Website

  1. How often do you upload new content?

    We try and upload all of our new content as soon as we have finished. However for content like videos and renders, these will have to be edited first so that they can be uploaded.

  2. Can I upload any of my videos?


    However, if we have already got a similiar video, that shares the same content, it will go under evaluation. If we think that it is better than the existing one, the video put forward will replace the existing one.

    Also any inappropriate videos will be immediately removed from the website.

  3. Where do you get your ideas from?

    Most of the time we just randomly think "Yeh, I'll make that"  and we persue that idea. Other times however, we are given plans, or are asked to make a certain model and we make it for them.


    Got an idea for us?...... Visit the Contact Us section and email us your ideas and we'll try and make them for you.

  4. What rendering software did you use to create the images?

    We used a wide variety of Rendering software, as we swere still new to the programs then. We were trying different programs, seeing which one we prefered. We eventually decided to use a program called: nXtRender. most if not all of our renderings were created using this software.

    Want to have a go at nXtRender.... Here's their website:    http://www.renderplus.com/wk/NXtRender_w.htm

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Google Sketchup 8

  1. How can I import a picture into a Sketchup File?

    You cannot just copy and paste a picture in from the internet like you can on most other programs. You must save the picture to your computer and import them in.

    Go to: File > Import, select your image and it imports it into the file.

    WARNING: Sketchup only accepts certain file types: e.g. .jpg .bmp .skp .png  etc.

    It does not accept file types like .gif

  2. How can I access the Sandbox Tools?

    The Sandbox Tools are not default on Google Sketchup; they have to selected. 

    Go to: Window > Preferences   -    Click 'Extensions'    -    Scroll down to 'Sandbox Tools' and tick the box. Click OK.

    The tools may not appear straight away. If so restart Google Sketchup.

    If the problem Persists, then check that you have ticked the Sandbox Tools or get advice from Google.

    Having Problems..... Watch our YouTube Tutorial:  


  3. What type of Plugins are available for Google Sketchup 8?

    There are loads of different Plugins and Extensions to Google Sketchup, each one has its own unique abilities. Rendering Plugins seem to be quite popular at the moment, each offers their own way of making great pictures out of your models. The one we use is called: nXtRender.

    There are also Physics Plugins; an example of this type of Plugin is SketchyPhysics. This program give a simple interface to work from and gives you the ability to create physics-based models: i.e. A Rollercoaster.

    But the amount of Plugins doesnt stop there. There are a vast amount of them waiting to extend your version of Google Sketchup.

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3D Warehouse

  1. What is the maximum size for a file to be uploaded into the 3D Warehouse?

    The maximum size at the moment is a 10mb. However, due to the vastness of models which exceeds this limit, there is a rumour that Google may be changing it to 15 - 20mb soon, however we cannot verify these claims.

  2. Can I Email other people through the 3D Warehouse?


    To email a modeller, what you have to do is find a model by them. Then next to their name (The one located on the right, and above the 'Share' Panel) there will be a little envelope icon* (See Below), click this and it will take you to a page in which you can send a message to the modeller.

    *This icon will only be visible if the modeller has adjusted their account to allow others to email them.

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Google Translator

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